Ferrari  Ronaldo has signed a deal worth 105 million euros over the course of 3 years with Real Madrid. He loves Florentino Perez by the way. He never had any problems with him. Manchester United was Ronaldo’s past and Real Madrid is Ronaldo’s present. And future.

Does this sound like a guy who did not want to talk about his situation with Real Madrid just 2 weeks ago? I don’t have a particularly good memory but didn’t he say that Manchester United is where his heart is. Why did Manchester United along with Manchester City and PSG lined up for him just 3 weeks ago in order to snatch him for a bargain price.

I don’t know. People say Ronaldo has scored 203 goals for Real Madrid in 203 games. What more is wanted of a player?

How about some loyalty. Players who play for personal glory rarely win big trophies and almost never win big trophies on a regular basis or do they? At least they shouldn’t. That is why I think Messi would always be a step ahead of Ronaldo when it comes to loyalty to a club and because of that, Messi is able to give unbelievable performances for Barcelona, in big matches, time and time again.

Ronaldo looks pretty happy now. Earning a cool 403,000(euros per week) base salary is the highest any football player has ever been paid at the professional level or on any level. Bale looks happy as well having completed his 100 million euro move from Tottenham. All is well at Real Madrid by the looks of it.

Galatasaray match will probably prove to a good test. Ancelotti has announced Casillas as a starter. Bale is in the squad and Ronaldo would probably want to show why Real Madrid have agreed to pay him an insane amount of money till 2018.

I am a bit confused I must confess. What happened to Ronaldo’s “Never say Never” statements. In any case, Real Madrid are behind Barcelona (no surprises there) in the league by two points. Winning against Galatasaray would be a good start to show Ancelotti’s intentions of winning the Champions League and not so much the League.

Bale scored a nice determined goal from close range against Villarreal. Happy for him too. Didn’t look like a player who had only trained for 4 sessions in 3 months.

Talking about former Real Madrid people, I am looking forward to Ozil making an impact for Arsenal. He certainly impressed in his debut match. Mourinho lost his first match in EPL since his return to Chelsea. That must be hard for him.

AC Milan thought they had a good deal in Kaka as a free agent from Real Madrid. Well, he has injured himself and would remain out of action for at least a month. Good luck paying his wages while he sits at home and watches AC Milan on TV.