(Photo by Jan Solo)

(Photo by Jan Solo)

Still too early to be talking about statistics for the season but it never really hurts.

So I dug a  few statistics about players who like to shoot a lot. Obviously Ronaldo and Bale are two players who come to mind whenever there is  talk about shooting the heck out of the ball. Both are good are scoring long shots and by long shots, I mean really long shots, not just a foot outside the penalty area. Though with that being said, I have to mention the fact that only 1 out of 33 long shots actually result in a goal. That is just crazy. 33 shots? I always thought long shots looked kind of cool and always respected players who tried for more by going for their long shots.

Now, it’s just the opposite. I mean what a waste of possession when you know that it is going to take you about 30 shots on average to score a long range goal. Better off trying to pass the ball and getting close to the goal.

Anyhow. Ronaldo’s stats were just mind blowing when it came to shots taken. Remember, it is not easy to take long shots these days. Most teams, if not all, defend with 10 men behind the ball and really suffocate you for space so the opportunity for a shot on goal gets really really tiny in number.

Ronaldo had taken a staggering 27 shots on goal in 3 games. That comes down to about 9 shots on goal per game. Which can be further interpreted as a shot every ten minutes from Ronaldo. That is just a single player taking a shot on goal every ten minutes.

Compare these 27 shots from 3 games to someone like Messi’s shots statistics? You’ll be surprised.

Messi has taken a total of 15 shots on goal in 2 games. That comes to 7.5 shots a game and about a shot per 15 minutes. Obviously I have not taken the actual number of minutes both have actually played this season for their respective teams.

Ronaldo has played about 284 minutes of football. On the other hand Messi has played about 169 minutes. So the stats are  pretty close in terms of shots taken per actual number of minutes played. Obviously, Messi has scored 5 goals and has made 5 assists in his 2 games for Barcelona in La Liga this season which is nothing short of astonishing.

Ronaldo on the other hand has scored 1 goal and has 1 assist in his 3 games for Real Madrid in La Liga this season. Messi is more efficient of the two but Ronaldo’s 27 shots in 3 games in nothing short of amazing. Just goes to show the aggression and positive attitude he brings with himself every time he steps on the field.

Compare Messi and Ronaldo’s stats to people like Rooney or Van persie (considered to be world class strikers) and the result is even more prominent. Van Persie has taken a total of 13 shots in 3 games, less than half of what Ronaldo has been able to achieve.

Rooney has taken 4 shots in 2 games compared with Messi’s 15 shots in 2 games. That is remarkable to say the least and basically shows why Ronaldo and Messi end up being the number 2 and number 1 player in the world every time awards are given out.

Even within Real Madrid Ronaldo’s shots on goal is above average to say the least. Benzema who plays as a striker has had 11 shots in 3 games while Di Maria (who plays in a similar position to Ronaldo’s, generally) has taken 5 shots in 3 games in which he started in 2 and came on as a sub in 1 game.

In short, even when Ronaldo is not scoring many goals, he is always seen as a threat by the opposition because he contributes in so many ways to a single given football game. Goals are not the only indicator which can measure Ronaldo’s worth to the team. If Ronaldo keeps this ratio up for the whole of the season, I think Real Madrid are ought to win some titles this season.

Obviously, the 54 year old Ancelotti will make efforts otherwise.