No one is going to miss him (Photo by sama093)

No one is going to miss him (Photo by sama093)

Mesut Ozil has been transferred to Arsenal from Real Madrid for a sum of 50 million euros. I guess that would ease the payment of Bale transfer fee which is to be paid in 3 installments. Ozil a left footed player who is known throughout Europe for his passing ability and his brilliant ball control said that he did not feel that Madrid had any confidence in him and that’s why he decided to leave and come to Arsenal.

There is doubt about the fact that Ozil would be a brilliant addition to any squad and the kind of silky touches and defense splitting passes that he brings with himself is always a bonus. Ozil made a total of 87 assists in his 100 plus games for Real Madrid and I think scored something like 27 goals for Real Madrid.

Though it remains to be seen how he performs at Arsenal because generally it has been observed that Ozil is unable to influence any game which gets physical or when the game is played at a really high tempo, like EPL tempo. I think Ozil should consider himself lucky that he got his big breakthrough at Real Madrid and should be thankful for that instead of saying things like “I did not feel faith’ because that is just rude.

Having said that I would have preferred if Di Maria or Benzema was sold instead of Ozil, but that does not change the fact that Ozil’s lack of commitment seen during games and his poor finishing led to the demise of his Real Madrid career.

Anway, here is why I think it is a good thing that Ozil has left Real Madrid:

  1. First is kind of a no brainer really. With Ozil and Kaka (for free ) now gone, that frees up some space for new talents like Isco and Morata to step up and be counted.
  2. People now have the idea how the transfer market works. If Ozil is worth 50 million euros then I think a case can be made about Bale being valued at a staggering 100 million euros. Though it can also be said that Barcelona got Neymar for around 30 million euros but still, 100 million for Bale does not seem like too outrageously huge. Arsenal would soon find out that why Real Madrid chose to sell him instead of other players who had not performed as well as he did during his career that Real Madrid. He missed some absolute brain dead sitters in the Champions League and that cost Real Madrid the title last season.
  3. Real Madrid got a whopping 50 million euros for him. I think it must be a first timer that Real Madrid has actually made a profit out of a player. Real Madrid has been notoriously famous for buying players and then selling them for free. Examples are of Ronaldo, Beckham and more recently Kaka for whom Real Madrid payed 65 million euros just 4 years ago and just 24 hours ago, let him go for free back to AC Milan.

As I said before, I would have preferred if Real Madrid had tried to retain Ozil and sell Di Maria or Benzema because now there is no one with the ability to make a killer through ball through the defense. That was Ozil’s strong point but I think, in the end, it came down to his poor physical form, his poor attitude and poor finishing ability which cost him his Real Madrid career.

As far as BPL goes, I now support 2 teams. Arsenal and Chelsea. Chelsea has got Mourinho and Essien, two former Real Madrid people and now Arsenal has Ozil. HALA MADRID!!!