What has he got over Mourinho? (Photo by PSG World)

What has he got over Mourinho? (Photo by PSG World)

Ancelotti has coached some of the biggest clubs in world football. PSG, AC Milan, Chelsea, Juventus and now Real Madrid. He used to be a pretty good football player himself in his younger days (which must be a long long time back) and has won Champions League both as a player and as a manager.

One thing I don’t get about Ancelloti is, his demeanor. People say he is a peacemaker. And that he knows how to deal with rebellious players in an amicable manner. Not like Mourinho who simply throws you out if you do not do what he tells you to do. He is also reputed to have a father son relation with his players. Really? Why did anyone ever mention that before he signed up for a Real Madrid team which was going through a crisis. He has won a lot of silverware during his professional playing days and his managerial career so why is it that his name did not come up in the list of potential managers when Real Madrid needed a good manager some 3 or 4 years ago.

Everybody was talking about Mourinho or someone like Rafa Benetiz. I am surprised nobody mentioned his name when Real Madrid was in dire need of someone who could control the dressing room, play stylish football and win trophies. The reason is simple. Ancelloti sucks.

Here are my top 3 reasons why he sucks:

  1. I first had a glimpse of how he liked his teams to play when he came to Chelsea. From what I have seen, I think he likes to play purely defensive football. Unlike Mourinho, he does not take big risks and neither makes changes when they are needed. Typical Italian coach. Likes to defend a lot with 4 at the back and two infront of them to provide extra shielding. Something which Mourinho did do quite often but with different intent.
  2. He does not know how to handle the media. Most of his interviews are borderline boring. I don’t want to listen to his interviews. When Mourinho was incharge at Real Madrid, everyone used to look forward to what he had to say after a match, before a match and during the match. Look at the way he tries to be funny when a question was asked about Ozil being unhappy at being benched, he said “I like it that Ozil is unhappy. Nobody should be happy sitting on the bench. I dont like those players”. Who gives a damn about which players you like and which you don’t. You need to win us trophies and that’s that.
  3. He has changed Ronaldo’s position slightly and has changed the overall gameplan immensely. Ronaldo has scored only 1 goal so far this season where Messi has already racked up 5 goals. Is Ronaldo suffering from Ancelloti’s master tactics? I don’t know.

Lets not talk about how Ancelotti has been unable to resolve the situation in the dressing room. Players are giving all sorts of interviews against each other and for each other. Nobody knows if they are going to stay or going to leave. Lopez Casillas problem is still ever present.

Not to mentin the fact that he is old and fat. Doesn’t have the energy while on the pitch to look like someone who coaches Real Madrid. I hate him, for now at least. Can’t see Real Madrid winning Champions League this season. With Mourinho, at least we had a chance and heck lot of entertainment,