What if?(by jankela )

What if?(by jankela )

What if Superman did infact, landed his spaceship (not that he had any control over it) in Portugal. Not only that, what if he had developed an interest in sports because of his out of this world physical abilities and what if he actually started to play professional football.

I think Ronaldo is that superman. Looking at his stats for Real Madrid, he has the greatest strike rate of any striker in the history of Real Madrid with 201 goals in 201 games. Greatest strike rate in the history of Real Madrid? That must be impossible considering that De Stefano, Puskas, Ronaldo, Figo, Zidane all had played for Real Madrid at one point or another in their careers.

The astonishing thing about Ronaldo is that not only he is really good in everything an attacking player is required to do but he also scores a heck lot of goals. Zidane and Figo, both had flawless techniques but were never considered prolific goal scorers. With Ronaldo, you have everything. He can head the ball, shoot the ball with both feet, run fast, can keep defenders off the ball with his strength, has good vision and positioning sense. He is just the complete package which no other player is.

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Fine, Messi scores more goals that Ronaldo. The point is, Messi is one dimensional. He is short and not really built like somone you would look at once and say ‘man, he must be a superstar athlete’. Ronaldo is above 6 feet tall and is built like a tank. If a football player was actually made in a laboratory, I think Ronaldo would serve as the perfect prototype.

I didn’t include the fact that Ronaldo rarely gets injured even though he get tackled badly in every game he plays. He rarely looks out of steam. He plays over 50 games every year and has played in a number of different leagues. These are the thing which you would never associate with Lionel Messi. Messi just has not got in him to switch from a team which caters to his playing style so well.

( by anieto2k)

( by anieto2k)

And it’s not like Ronaldo was extremely gifted or something. He worked really really hard to improve his game since the beginning. He is not like Messi, who can just show up after a beach holiday and win his side trophies 2 days later. Ronaldo’s work ethic is superhuman and that is partly because he is humble in his own way. Always looks to improve and always looks to achieve more. That to me indicates that he is just something else. He is man of steel, he is superman.

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P.S Now would be a good time for Perez to make sure Ronaldo signs that damn contract extension.