What would Ronaldo give to play for Manchester Again?(From flickr)

What would Ronaldo give to play for Manchester Again?(From flickr)

Real Madrid is about to complete a hundred million euro transfer of Gareth Bale. Andre Villa Boas(Tottenahm manager) has already given up, Real Madrid have prepared the stage on which Bale is to be presented sometime next week and Bale has failed to show up for training for 2 straight days. If all things go well(and they will) then Bale is set to become a Real Madrid player sometime within the next two weeks.

Questions remain of his role at Real Madrid remain and that is why I think people are going to start to leave Real Madrid. One of those people is Ronaldo. Yes, Ronaldo. He has not signed a contract extension yet and his future remains doubtful as he continues to deny statement such as never playing for Manchester United again.

Here are my top 5 reasons for believing that this season is going to be the last one where Ronaldo plays for Real Madrid:

  • ¬†First and foremost. With the arrival of Bale, Ronaldo will no longer be the kingpin in terms of media attention and fan following. Bale has shattered Ronaldo’s transfer fee record and something tells me, they both cannot play on the same team for long. With the arrival of Bale, no longer will everyone look ¬†forward to see Ronaldo play and neither will the football be played around Ronaldo as has been the case in the past. Ronaldo is going to have to share his ego with Bale in the dressing room as well. He would also be expected to share the free kicks with Bale as both can score goals from free kicks. At Manchester United, if Ronaldo moves there, there would be no star that would compete with Ronaldo. Ronaldo would be the big fish in the small pond of Manchester. At Manchester, the team would be built around him and he would get to dictate the play.
  • Ronaldo loves the EPL. Lets be honest about it. La Liga cannot compete with EPL in terms of the drama and excitement that it can provide on all the weekends. The title races are much tighter and the difference between the teams competing is much much less than in La Liga. In La Liga, now, there is only one game to look forward to and that is Real Madrid vs Barcelona. Though it is the biggest derby match in the world, it is nowhere near enough when one takes into account the whole length of the season. EPL gets more media attention and that would suit Ronaldo both in terms of his temperament and his eye for commercial contracts.
  • The fans of EPL and specially of Manchester United are more passionate about their teams and the players who play for their teams. La Liga is just not in that phase yet. Every match is taken as a final in EPL and the build up to the games is just electric. La Liga, I feel, is a bit too slow and a bit too boring for Ronaldo.
  • It is no secret that Ronaldo’s agent is always interested in moving his client to different clubs as he get a cut in the transfer fee if any of his clients (players) switch clubs. His agent could also influence him regarding the decision to quite Real Madrid and go back to Manchester with a boom.
  • Lastly, I think it is fair to say, Ronaldo is just fed up with Spain. He has scored goals after goals in every match he has played. I think he has lost some of his ambition here. Considering Ronaldo’s standards, him not scoring for 2 straight games must be considered as a disaster. I don’t think that has ever happened to him in a Real Madrid shirt. Perhaps, it is an indication that he is no longer interested in the Real Madrid project. He has given Real Madrid his all and has not won anything to brag about. I think he wants to return to Manchester where he became the player he is today.

What do you guys think? Do let me know. If you ask me, I think if he does not score like 50 goals this season, Real Madrid should get rid of him.