Gareth Bale to Real Madrid. At what cost?(Photo by Jan solo)

Gareth Bale to Real Madrid. At what cost?(Photo by Jan solo)

Perez has lost his mind as far as I am concerned. No seriously.


A 100 million euros for Bale? I had expressed my concern over this in a previous post but never had I thought that Perez would be actually foolish enough to pull this off.

At the worst I though it would be 2 player plus cash switch with Di Maria and Benzema going in the other direction, but a direct cash deal (albeit in 3 instalments) for Bale is ridiculous.

I looked up Gareth Bale on youtube just to see what’s the best he can give to a side and found some pretty interesting stuff. I suggest to anyone who wants to see first hand at what Gareth Bale can do (and can’t do) should watch a couple of these videos. It is evident from these that Gareth Bale has got rockets in his boots. He can run with pace and vision and can shoot from wherever he likes.

But still, does that warrant a 100 million euro price tag? Not sure.

Even if we keep this monstrosity of Perez aside, news has surfaced that in order to finance Bale move, Real Madrid have put three players up for sale. Namely Di Maria, Benzema and Ozil. I mean, what?

Those 3 players are like the backbone of this team. Okay, may be not Benzema but the thing is, after selling Higuain, Real Madrid do not really have a world class striker in their squad. Does this mean Ronaldo would play as the makeshift striker for the rest of the season? May be that can open up some place for Kaka in the team. I don’t know.

This is the dilemma now. Real Madrid now has Bale and Maria who both play in the same position and have similar attributes. Bale has got more strength while Maria has got more skill and agility on the ball.

Whatever the case, I sure hope that someone at Real Madrid knows what the club is doing. What do you guys think? Does this transfer makes any sense? Is there a chance Manchester United can force their way through and stop Real Madrid from going bankrupt by buying Bale?

As always, I am all ears now. Talk to me. Hala Madrid!!!