Should Kaka really wait for his chance at Real Madrid (Photo by Ameliaarsulan)

Should Kaka really wait for his chance at Real Madrid (Photo by Ameliaarsulan)

Ricardo Kaka, 31, should be at the peak of his career right now and I don’t know what is it with these Brazillians that they run out of steam really quickly in their careers. I mean. Seriously.

Zidane at 31 was probably the best player in the world. Same is the case with Gerrard  and Lampard of Chelsea. Look at Figo or Zanetti. These are players who played fantastic football at 31.

New coach Ancelotti was seen as someone who would be able to get Kaka back on track but after 2 months of his tenure it looks like Kaka is just not going to get up and do something about his situation. I mean, he looks like he can play a ball whenever he comes on as a substitute but rarely he gets a start in any given game apart from Copa Del Rey games.

Ancelotti has been no different than Mourinho is regards to the treatment of Kaka. Mourinho also wanted Kaka as a super sub. Not as someone who would play 90 minutes every weekend. Ancelotti, though understands or should understand Kaka better than anyone else had the best chance of talking some sense into Kaka and get his career going.

May be its the fact that Kaka is really a religious guy who was given a gift by God to play football. May be he is not that concerned with success in football unlike Ronaldo and Messi. May be he just wants to focus on his religion and go through the motions as far as football goes. That seems to me the only reason.

You never see Kaka complaining the way modern player do complain. You never see him taking jibes at other players. You rarely see him cheat or fight with another player or even get angry with a referee. I think he gets that from his religion.

It is hard to believe but this the 5th year of Kaka as a Real Madrid player and still we are just expecting him to perform and live up to the fee that Real Madrid paid for him. Mind you he has shown glimpses in the past that he was worth that fee, it’s just his fitness and consistency that is costing him his place in the starting line up of Real Madrid.

One of the reasons for that is the lack of pace Kaka shows while on the field. He is a bit slower than everybody else in general movements and specifically while running with the ball. I tend to disagree somewhat with that notion as I think Kaka more than makes up for it in the form of his experience in opening defences up, his long range shooting power which still has not lost its venom and of course his ability to dribble past players in the midfield which very few players, if any, can do in the world apart from Messi.

Other players like Di Maria and Isco have worked harder under Ancelotti in order to get them regular 90 minutes and have given good performances in pre season. Kaka on the other hand still looks out of sync with other players. Ancelotti did advice trainers to device a specific plan for Kaka, but that seems ineffective as Kaka’s performances are still lacking quality.

If Gareth Bale arrives from Tottenahm this summer than I think Kaka should definitely realize that his time is up at Real Madrid. That would also jeopardize his position in the Brazillian squad for next years World Cup. How about a move to Chelsea under Jose Mourinho? Don’t think Mourinho was too interested in him when he coached Real Madrid but I think if there was one team I would like to see Kaka play for at this time of his career,it would be Chelsea lead by Jose Mourinho.

Kaka’s injury prone body is also something to worry about. Not many clubs would be encouraged by his fitness issues since arriving from AC Milan to Real Madrid. It is generally known that Milan had devised a very specific training plan for Kaka and he has not received that kind of attention at Real Madrid, may be that is the reason behind Kaka not being able to show the world that he won 2007 Ballon Dor for a reason.

Anyway. What do you guys think? Should Kaka be given another season or two under Ancelotti (because he knows Kaka better than the rest) or should Real Madrid just terminate his contract and let him go to Brazil where he would get much needed playing time. Do let me hear your thoughts. HALA MADRID!!!