Some know him as the left footed Ronaldo. (From Flickr)

Some know him as the left footed Ronaldo. (From Flickr)

For some Gareth Bale may be the most important signing in Real Madrid’s recent history. In terms of money it certainly is at the very top. More expensive than Ronaldo you say? Yeah, that’s what I thought too, it is just crazy.

For the amount of money Real Madrid is willing to pay for Gareth Bale, most clubs in the world would form entire squads of talented young but unexploited players. There lies the problem, no player in the world (apart from Messi or Ronaldo may be) should be worth that amount of money. It  just does not make any sense. At all.

Bale is good, don’t get be wrong. But where are the statistics that indicate  he is worth a 100 million? or for that matter anywhere near the price Real Madrid played for Ronaldo, forget about the 100 million.

Does Real Madrid even need bale?

Real Madrid already have 2 or 3 of the fastest players on the planet in the form of Ronaldo and Di Maria. You can add Benzema and Ozil in that list too as they can be pretty fast too. Bale though offers alot more than just pace, the point is Real Madrid already have too many good players waiting for their turn to play in the first team. Real Madrid’s substitute bench alone is worth like a 100 million pounds. Why waste such a huge amount of talent and buy another mega star which we do not really need.

Gareth Bale has got pace. He has got a lot of aggression and can shoot the ball but is it really something that Real Madrid need right now? Can’t Di Maria do the same on his day?

If reports are to be believed, Real Madrid are willing to sell Benzema and Di Maria (albeit to different clubs) in order to finance the move for Gareth Bale. Gareth Bale has not even finished in the top 3 in his entire life, how can he be worth a mammoth 100 million. Surely, Perez is not that dumb.

Florentino’s man mangement skills were never really great

He does not come across as a guy who likes to think deeply about his moves when it comes to footballing matters. I mean, with the amount of money he has or gets, he just goes into the market and buys off everything he like just like a little child wants to buy off toys in a retail store.

Perhaps Real Madrid should form a committee on this and decide the Bale matter by deliberating for a while or two.

Or can we say that Perez’s master plan is a marketing one. Is he banking on the media to hype this up and thus give Real Madrid some more share of the limelight. Perhaps, Bale would sell a lot of shirts and other merchandise. Maybe Perez can talk Bale into signing a contract similar to Ronaldo’s where Real Madrid get a fair share of his earnings for advertisements?

Whatever the case may be. Point is Bale is not worth 100 million whether in euros or in british pounds. What do you guys think? Do Real Madrid really need Bale? is he worth a 100 million pounds? I certainly think he is not worth that much because first, that is a bit too much money and second we already have good players waiting in line to play for Real Madrid in that position.