Wayne Rooney would be a nice and unique addition to this Real Madrid squad and to Spanish League in general (Photo From Flickr)

Wayne Rooney would be a nice and unique addition to this Real Madrid squad and to Spanish League in general (Photo From Flickr)

Higuain is set to leave Real Madrid in the summer and quiet frankly, he can go. I don’t give a damn and neither should any Real Madrid fan who has observed his performances and commitment to the team for the past two seasons or so.

Even when he was scoring goals, he did not look like scoring goals for the good of the team, he always put himself first. Not the fans and certainly not the club. When that happens, a player has to leave as rightly pointed out by Jose Mourinho in a press conference yesterday as the new Chelsea manager.

From the day he came to Real Madrid, rarely did I see him talk about doing good for the club. All he ever wanted to talk about was how he wants to further his ‘CAREER’ by using this opportunity at Real Madrid and get a better contract.

Many times, during games, when Ronaldo or Benzema would score a goal which would put Real Madrid in a strong position in a given match, Higuain rarely seemed to let go of himself and celebrate with the team. He has always restricted, I don’t know by what.

Wayne Rooney is a completely different player to Higuain. As Mourinho said a few days back, “Rooney is a lot like me”. Both are hard working and give their all to their teams.

Rooney would bring much needed aggression to this Real Madrid side. He would bring along with him his passion for football, his ferocious shots and his tenacity on the football field. He is working all the time when he is out on the pitch. Plus I think Real Madrid can use a bit of English touch to its game.

That will definitely give Barcelona something to think about. Rooney scores goals for fun when he has to. Even when he is not scoring goals, he makes up for it by trying very hard to be useful to the team. Higuain and Benzema are basically useless in that respect. If they don’t score goals, they offer very little. That is not the case with Wayne Rooney.

Anyway, coming back to Higuain’s case (that basically forms the argument of selling Higuain and buying Rooney). Mourinho tried to get the best out of him and Benzema by rotating them at will, but that did not seem to work past the first season of Mourinho in charge at Real Madrid.

Now Mourinho is gone and so has ideology of fighting for the Real Madrid name. I have to be honest with you. With Mourinho leading Real Madrid, it was a after a long time I saw players fighting for Real Madrid in every single game. Under Capello, Real Madrid showed the same spirit but Real Madrid management sacked him too.

The worst periods were of Schuster, Luxembourg and Pelligrini (between them there was another named Lopez or something). Everybody was fighting for his own survival during those times. I am glad Mourinho showed players how to respect Real Madrid and the values that Real Madrid stood for.

Now I am wondering about Ancelotti. My man is still Klopp. I did not like Ancelotti one bit when he was at Milan. Looked too unconcerned about what was happening with AC Milan’s sporting image. Always saw him make stupid signings.

He sold off Kaka and then went away the following weekend to Chelsea. Before that he had bought a fat Ronaldo. All these things just do not point to something that would bring any benefit to Real Madrid.

Anyway, as Arbeloa said a few days ago, Mourinho is never coming back to Real Madrid.