Gonzalo Higuain of Real Madrid wants to quit (Photo By Jan Solo)

Gonzalo Higuain of Real Madrid wants to quit (Photo By Jan Solo)

Why Selling Higuain Is the Best Thing to Do.


Gonzalo Higuain (aged 25 just in case you are wondering) wants to leave Real Madrid, no one is denying that, not even Perez. The problem is, no one is willing to pay for Higuain. Well, lets say clubs are ready to pay somewhere around  NOTHING for his services.


Higuain’s last season was basically a disaster. Did not score many goals, did not get many chances and apart from that, was pretty wasteful with the chances he got when he was put on the field by Jose Mourinho.

Here is why I think Real Madrid would be wise to sell him off right now instead of later though I would have though last season was the perfect opportunity for Real Madrid to sell Higuain for more than 20 million euros:

  1. He misses obvious chances. He can score some fantastic goals but when it comes to simple tap ins and one on ones with the keeper, he does not have good percentages
  2. He has been getting fatter and fatter since his arrival at Real Madrid. Used to be pretty fast couple of seasons ago, now he is mostly being outpaced by defenders.
  3. Selling Higuain would provide Benzema with the ideal opportunity to improve himself with more time on the pitch. Benzema would also feel mentally relaxed with Higuain out of the picture.
  4. The new coach (Ancelotti probably)would be encouraged to try out a striker from the youth system. Any young striker would learn a lot playing under Benzema and Ronaldo.


Here were the reasons why I think Real Madrid should sell off Higuain. He has not improved much in the last two seasons and I think now is the time to give up on him and give some other youngster a chance.


What do you guys think? Should we sell Benzema or Higuain or both and buy a new world class striker? Now an Heynekes as said he would not be coaching next season, should Real Madrid go with Ancelotti (I want Klopp by the way)?


Hala Madrid!!!