Cristiano Ronaldo is most likely (and I say most likely not absolutely) to sign a new deal with Real Madrid in the coming days (Photo from Flickr)

Cristiano Ronaldo is most likely (and I say most likely not absolutely) to sign a new deal with Real Madrid in the coming days (Photo from Flickr)

Perez Is Ok With Ronaldo

Florentino Perez has come out and said that Ronaldo will not be sold to any club, not even for 1 billion euros. That is a let off for most Real Madrid fans and I think it is a smart move made by Perez.

It would do a number of good things for Real Madrid and Ronaldo, which are:

·         It would give Ronaldo confidence that Real Madrid management is behind him and wants him at the club.

·         It would be a nice start for Real Madrid and Ronaldo to discuss Ronaldo’s contract and other stuff related to that.

·          It would give the whole team a nice confidence boost that Ronaldo is not going anywhere and Real Madrid still have the power that other clubs do not have and because of that players can’t just ‘LEAVE’ Real Madrid contrary to what they would do with any other club.

·         It shows that Perez wants him at the club dearly and when that happens, you can bet Ronaldo would be staying at Real Madrid as long as Perez wants him regardless of how he performs on the pitch. That might actually be good for Ronaldo as it might take some pressure off of him of having to perform in every match, every weekend.

·         Real Madrid would be able to lure other exceptional players to Real Madrid because lets face it, everyone wants to play on Ronaldo’s team (or Messi’s team).

Perhaps it would be have been better for the club to have resolved issues with Ronaldo (and Mourinho) much earlier in my opinion but you never know what might happen in football. Even in the beginning, ‘Real Madrid with Mourinho’ did not sound something that would last for a very long time.

I think everyone knew that once Mourinho wins everything with Real Madrid, he would move on to some other club. It’s another story that he was not able to achieve anything of any significance at Real Madrid and consequently got sacked. I still remember telling people, when Mourinho arrived, that Real Madrid is the only club in the world which would sack Jose Mourinho. Other clubs would be just dying to renew his contract because of his reputation.

Even if you look at his performances for Real Madrid, I think he could have retained his job at any other club (including Barcelona) but because this was Real Madrid he was not able to continue. At Real Madrid you need to win things, 2nd place is always the first loser on the list. You have to win things in a certain way too, you cannot afford to win things on your own terms, in your own style or way.

If that was not enough already then there is a 3rd clause on ‘coaching Real Madrid for a long time’, that clause says that you have to win everything. Winning the league only will get you sacked; winning the Champions League only will get you sacked. Being in the semifinals of the Champions League for 3 straight seasons will get you sacked. Copa Del Ray final will get you sacked. Almost everything would get you sacked if it does not involve winning.

What do you guys think? Should Real Madrid sell Ronaldo for 1 billion euros (assuming an offer comes) and then use that money to buy Messi may be. Was Real Madrid correct to sack Mourinho?