Isco currently plays for Malaga as a attacking midfielder(Photo by Strollers)

Isco currently plays for Malaga as a attacking midfielder(Photo by Strollers)

Isco or more rarely known as Francisco Román Alarcón Suárez (finally some wikipedia) currently plays for Malaga. He is 21, short and exceptionally fast on the ball. Why am I telling you all this?

After all, he is just 21 and has not made huge headlines like Messi or Ronaldo did back in their young days. Well, the answer is simple. He is not another Messi or Ronaldo. teams generally do not want all their players to play like Ronaldo or Messi. You need some good players and some bad players in order to form a good enough team to win you important trophies.

Teams playing with superstars in every position tend to lose team chemistry and generally do not live up to their potential. Even if they do, they cannot sustain it.

Isco is the type of player who will not win you matches all on his own like Ronaldo or Messi, but will contribute little by little to the team which in the end would make a substantial impact on the game. He does have good dribbling ability and has got vision for the game. He has been instrumental for Malaga. Rose up from Valencia youth, then to Valencia and then finally to Malaga.

He has not won anything useful so far. His current honors include:

  • breakthrough player of La Liga 2012
  • Golden Boy 2012 (Whatever that means)

Looking at his past performances (very few of them) he looks like a  player who likes to take on players. He likes to try the exceptional and is high ambitious with his play. These are the signs of a good player in the making. Here are my top 5 reasons why I think Real Madrid should sign him, if Real Madrid can guarantee for him some regular playing time:

  1. He would come real cheap than some of the other hyped up players on the market. Malaga have set his buyout clause at 35 million euros which means that this is the max amount Real Madrid would have to pay in a worst case scenario.
  2. He is Spanish. It is about time Real Madrid start adding good Spanish players to its squad. Real Madrid is a Spanish club team and I would want them to sign Spanish players if they are good enough. Barcelona have got the right mixture of Spanish players and foreign players, I think Real Madrid should at least start going in the same direction.
  3. He is just 21. He has got a lot to learn and can give Real Madrid a good 10 t0 15 years of solid football if he is able to perform well and remains free of any major injuries, though that is a big if and not many players have managed to do that at Real Madrid.
  4. He has got La Liga experience, which means he is unlikely to take a season or two to adapt to the Spanish way of life or the football style in La Liga, this is always a plus.
  5. He can pass and has not been reported to have a unbearably huge ego.

The only downside is that he might not have the confidence to play alongside big names that are always present at Real Madrid. He is also an attacking midfielder and Real Madrid are already overloaded in that department. Lets see what develops. The bottom line is that if Real Madrid are going to pay for a CAM then it should be for Isco. HALA MADRID!!!