Kaka has not realized his full potential at Real Madrid and if reoprts are to be believed then this might be his golden opportunity(Photo By Jan Solo)

Kaka has not realized his full potential at Real Madrid and if reports are to be believed then this might be his golden opportunity(Photo By Jan Solo)

Lets just assume for a minute (or may be more) that Ancelotti does indeed become the next Real Madrid coach (reports in the media are saying that PSG do not really want him to leave and are playing hard ball in this situation) and lets assume another thing, Kaka does not leave Real Madrid. If we can assume those two things without any problem then let me just put forward the notion of Kaka being the new lynchpin of the current Real Madrid squad.

I think Kaka has not played the way he wants to play at Real Madrid because of many reasons. One being that there were always too many players in his position who were younger and were more fitter than him. That changes somewhat in the next season are many are poised to leave Real Madrid. Di Maria, Higuain and Ronaldo are hot favorites to leave Real Madrid this summer and that I think provides Kaka with the opportunity to take this Real Madrid side and win silverware with it by playing a role which he so often played at Milan.

Here are my top 3 reasons why I think Real Madrid should not sell Kaka this summer:

  1. With most of our players poised to leave and most of our current players being so young we need some experience in order to progress to the next level in the Champions League. Kaka has that experience and knows how to play in big match (this is something  I have pointed to time and time again in the past). Last season, Real Madrid had the same problem, too many mistakes being made in the final third of the pitch (lets just forget about the mistakes at the back) cost Real Madrid a lot of important goals in important games.
  2. Kaka is 31 now and this is the ideal age for someone to take charge on the pitch and make the whole team play with him. 31 is the age where footballers, generally speaking, are at their physical and mental peak. Now is the time Kaka can really make a difference and go out with a bang.
  3. Kaka would be determined to do it if Real Madrid show faith in him. With Ancelotti arriving at Real Madrid, we would have someone who truly knows how to play Kaka and bring the best out of him. Kaka has not had the chance to prove his price at Real Madrid and this is something Kaka has said several times in his interviews. He actually does want to repay Real Madrid for the amount of money they paid for him. If Real Madrid show good faith to him, I think he would try his hardest to prove himself and this is the sort of drive and motivation that Real Madrid is lacking at the moment.

Kaka is a true professional. He never has had trouble with his teammates nor the coach. He is always fit (his injuries are not because of him not training properly) and more than willing to play for his team. That is why I think Kaka should head the project at Real Madrid for the next 4 to 5 years. What do you guys think? Is Kaka too old for all this? Should Real Madrid just get rid of him or can he still play the role at Real Madrid for which he got so famous at Milan.