Klopp or Ancelotti? (photo by Asia Kuczek)

Klopp or Ancelotti? (photo by Asia Kuczek)

Who is going to lead Real Madrid to its tenth Champions League crown. We know half the answer at the moment. That half answer is that it is not the addition of any player in the whole (at any position) world that is going to get Real Madrid closer to that goal. The other half of the answer is a new coach. Real Madrid needs a coach who can bind these players together and play them in a formation where everyone can give their best. Mourinho came close to it but in the end his dictatorial way of coaching cost him control over his dressing room and when that happens, players usually stop giving their best and the team starts to lose which is exactly what happened with Real Madrid this season.

Real Madrid have spent as much as any club can or ever would in order to form a group of players who are the best at what they do. Real Madrid’s attacking line up is potentially the most complete and most threatening in the world. Our midfield is pretty good and the defense is pretty solid ( right back is a position which should see some strengthening but that is not a major problem at all). The main reason why Real Madrid concede so many goals with such good defenders is because of poor tactical training. Mourinho’s teams usually do not concede goals the way Real Madrid conceded this season and that probably cost us every title in the season.

Now, Mourinho is gone. Ancelotti is someone whose name is being thrown around as the next Real Madrid coach. I (as I mentioned in my previous posts as well) do not really see him as the man (or the coach) ideal for leading Real Madrid to its tenth Champions League crown. Ancelotti never has had to deal with a Barcelona and neither has he succeeded in the Champions League against great teams. His teams always have had huge luck to ride on along with some easy draws in the Champions League.

Anyway, Klopp is a coach who I like a lot and here is why I think Klopp is the man for Real Madrid at the moment:

  1. If past performances are anything to go by then Klopp does not need a 100 million euros to build a new squad (which every other coach now a days needs) in order to be competitive. Klopp has shown that with BVB and was pretty reasonable with FC Mainz as well from 2001-2008.
  2. Klopp relies on extra ordinary tactics rather than extra ordinary players in order to beat teams better than his or equal to his. He showed that in the Champions League this season and has shown that with BVB in the German League for the past couple of seasons. He made Real Madrid look bad in the semi finals of the Champions League this season not because his team scored spectacular goals but because his tactics were perfect. Even the final was a very tough one for Bayern Munich against a team which was almost dead a couple of seasons ago.
  3. Klopp is like a friend to his team in my opinion. Players have said that Mourinho is like a father to his team. No wait, he is like a dictatorial father. He screams, punishes and scolds his players. Klopp is a lot more friendlier to everyone if behavior on the side lines is anything to go by. Klopp knows how to handle the media in a way that does not affect the team negatively. Mourinho though himself is very strong, sometimes forgets that his team might not be as strong as him mentally when it comes to managing criticism from the media.

What do you guys think? Should Real Madrid have persisted with Mourinho or was letting him go a good decision. Should Real Madrid hire Ancelotti or should we go for Klopp, who has shown what he can do even with mediocre teams on paper. HALA MADRID!!!