Neymar Out. Gareth Bale In? (photo by Radiohead22)

Neymar Out. Gareth Bale In? (photo by Radiohead22)

Neymar would be finalizing his deal with Barcelona today and it is now a 100 percent that he would be playing in La Liga next season along with Messi and Iniesta.

Real Madrid is always going to disappoint anyone and everyone who thinks that no superstar would be arriving at Real Madrid in any given summer. The rumor mill has it that Real Madrid are hot on the heals of Gareth Bale (who plays at Tottenahm) especially after Real Madrid received a solid no from Neymar just days earlier despite having offered him the better pay.

Gareth Bale is a player that I like for various reasons (number 1 being that he has been the best player of EPL last season which generally means that he is the most effective player in the world not in terms of skills and dribbles but in terms of the value he adds to the team) and here are my Top 3 reasons why I think Gareth Bale is better than Neymar and would be a hit at Real Madrid:

  1. Unlike Neymar, Bale has proved his mettle in the best league in the world. It is one thing to show off your skills against semi pro players in an unknown league (lets say Brazillian league) and it is quite another to learn the game and then dominate it against the best players in the world (lets say the English Premier League and the Champions League) which Bale has done at such a tender age and that too with average to good players playing alongside him. Gareth Bale has shown that he can hang in there with the best while Neymar is still untested. For me, the best height that Neymar would achieve (with his current style of play, I don’t know may be he is a quick learner) in European football would be that of Robinho’s. He is not the next Ronaldinho when judged from his performances with Santos.
  2. Gareth Bale is more mature, disciplined and tactful than Neymar and that is what is required at Real Madrid at the moment. Someone who has a cool head and is mature enough to influence a game rather than disrupt the team chemistry by bringing a huge bag of useless tricks along with an ego.
  3. Gareth Bale has got more speed and has better shooting technique than Neymar which is what is required at Real Madrid. The defensive players in La Liga give you a lot of space when compared to EPL (or BPL) or the German league. That gives you the opportunity to have a shoot at the goal and score or do some monkey looking tricks, make a mistake and give the ball away. Bale is definitely the player who would go for the former approach rather than the latter.

So here were my top 3 reasons why I think Real Madrid would be better off with Bale rather than Neymar. What do you guys think? HALA MADRID!!!