Real Madrid Beat Barcelona….AGAIN!!


Scoreline might indicate something like 2-1 to Real Madrid but on a good day, I think its safe to say Real Madrid could have mauled Barcelona by (a conservative estimate) 4-1 or 5-1. I think, 2-1 is probably a fair score for both sides given that Real Madrid did not field their A team while Barcelona did. Barcelona played poor, let there be no doubt about that and that is why they got beat. They got beat bad as towards the end of the game Real Madrid players were all over Barcelona players.

Real Madrid played against Barcelona tonight or rather today. The match took place in broad daylight which is pretty unusual for Clasicos.

Real Madrid rested several key players for Clasico which was another surprise. With 16 points gap, I think Mourinho knew there is absolutely zero chance of Real Madrid winning the league this season so he decided to rest Ronaldo and started with Kaka. Morata the 19 year old also got a rare start in the Real Madrid starting eleven.

Benzema scored the first goal in the 6th minute of the game when Morata put in a superb cross for Benzema who had an open goal in front of him begging for forgiveness but boy did he show none or what.

After the goal Barcelona tried to increase the tempo of the game but Real Madrid did not lose their shape and were not hesitant in putting in hard tackles to stop Barcelona from their tikki Takka football (which I hate so much as it is mostly pointless).

Real Madrid defended deep and defended really well and forced Barcelona to play the air balls instead of their much preferred ground short passing. Real Madrid played their game with great confidence which was to simply blast the ball forward any way possible to catch Barcelona on the break.

As far as defense goes, Sergio Ramos played pretty well in the center of defense. Pepe played in the middle of the field and Essien played as as right back ( I know it should have been the other way around but may be Mourinho is experimenting before the big Manchester United game).

As far as attack goes, Morata looked pretty lonely at the front. His main job was to basically mark Daniel Alves from making runs forward on the wings.

Inevitably,Real Madrid conceded the first goal of the game in the 17nth minute of the game when Messi beat the offside trap, cut Sergio Ramos inside and took a low shot towards the near post about which Diego Lopez could do nothing (well he could have done many things if he was not such a crap player, I want Iker back).

I was really excited to see Kaka who took a nice curling shot (his only contribution to Real Madrid’s attack for the whole of the game)straight at the keeper which again gave Barcelona the possession of the ball and forced Real Madrid to defend deep again.

Something funny happened in the 30th minute of the game, Essien gave the ball away to Iniesta who instead of playing the ball forward (or any ball anywhere with some meaning to it) started Tikki Takka with Messi on the half way line which was pretty pointless as Real Madrid players tried to get back to their positions in order to defend with ten men behind the ball and as a reaction to that the crowd booed Barcelona players as Real Madrid players could only watch (and probably thanked Barcelona for killing the pace of the attack and allowing them to take a few breaths)as they tried to keep their shape.

Both sides wanted a draw it seemed. Mourinho would not get sacked if did not lose the game and Barcelona would not give away their lead in La Liga if they did not lose this game. The pace of the game slowed down after 1-1 scoreline.

Boring football followed for some ten minutes after the Barcelona goal. Afterwards, Real Madrid had several great chances to score, two of them fell to the young Morata who wasted both of them to the despair of all Real Madrid fans.

Ronaldo came on at some point in the second half. Kaka was taken off, Khedira was brought in. The introduction of Ronaldo supplied Real Madrid with some lethal pace.

Ronaldo immediately got into the thick of the action and had taken several shots on goal (hitting the post once) by the end of the game but before the final whistle blew Real Madrid had one ace up its sleeves which basically killed the game off.

Sergio Ramos rose the highest on a corner kick and scored a wonderful header in the last few minutes of the game. After that Barcelona started to attack in order to save the game and that left gaps at the back. Real Madrid started to dominate the game from that point onwards and in all honesty should have scored 2 or 3 more goals. Anyway, the important thing was that Real Madrid won the game.

The win obviously increases the chances of Mourinho not being sacked come the end of the season. Overall it has been a great week for Real Madrid and lets just hope Real Madrid can keep the form up come Tuesday where Real Madrid would face off against Manchester United at Old Trafford.