Has he got any weakness in his game?(From Jan Solo)

Sergio Ramos just got red carded midweek for the 15nth time in his young career. That is more than any other player I know, certainly any other player who has played for Real Madrid. You name a player and Ramos has beaten that player for the amount of red cards that he has received. He has beaten Keane, Vieira, Cantona, Zidane etc etc. He has beaten everybody and that too at the tender age of 26 I think. By the time Sergio Ramos is done he would be the greatest in the list of red carded players.

Anyway, no matter how loose is his temper, nobody can deny the fact that he is amongst the top 3 right backs in the world. There are very few defenders if any who are as complete as this guy is as a right back and as a center back as well. Here are my 3 reasons why Ramos is just great to watch:

  1. He is just perfect as a right back and looks so smooth while playing there. He has got the speed, the strength, the heading, the crosses, the tackles. I mean he has got everything that a defender should have let alone what a right back should have. His technique is flawless. His sliding tackles are great and so are his sliding tackles.
  2. He can shoot the ball with both his feet with pretty good consistency. That art of shooting a football is just amazing to watch from a defender let alone a right back. I mean, even Daniel Alves looks great when he scores for Barcelona and he did score a scorcher against Real Madrid some time ago, I cannot really remember when and neither would I like to. Ramos on the other hand has shown time and time again that he can finish with his feet and basically proves that he started his career as a striker. He scored a long range free kick goal against Real Madrid when he was young and was playing for Sevilla. Real Madrid signed him the very next season.
  3. Ramos can also dribble the ball. He is just not an ordinary fast right back like all other right backs, he can actually dribble with the ball. Sometimes even like Ronaldo. Ramos has been seen down 360s and chop backs along with the odd step overs. He knows how to fool other right backs. Compare that with any other right back and you would find that all other right backs beat other defenders or players with their shear pace and nothing else.

The above mentioned reasons are why I think it is just great to see Ramos playing on a football field. Not to mention his unpredictable behavior. At any second in a football game he can just erupt and get red carded. He can jump the highest and can score a goal from a corner. He can do lots of things as a right back and is even more solid when playing as a center back. His tenacity along with his red hot head is the reason why he is probably the number 1 right back in the world to watch on television.

What do you guys think? Who is better, Ramos of Real Madrid or Daniel Alves of Barcelona?