Is he not the best?

Now I know Messi just won the prize for the fourth straight year and Ronaldo came in a distant second. This is one case (of many) where democracy sucks. I mean, there has to be another way. Ronaldo performed brilliantly with a young Real Madrid team last season and I don’t know why most people did not choose him to be the best player of the past season.

If you are talking about class then obviously Messi is the best. Messi would win the prize for the next 10 years further if the award was given on who is the best player in the world potential wise. But then again, so would had Ronaldinho. He was always and may be still is cut above the rest when it comes to skill and potential on a football field.

Generally the award has always been given to the player who has won the most titles in a given season. That is the sole reason why Henry did not win a single player of the year award. Arsenal did not win anything big but he kept on scoring goal after goal. Did it do him any benefit? No. He did not win anything for that except for some stupid EPL boots or something.

The first time the Ballon Dor award truly came into question (in my memory) was when (few years ago) Sneijder, Robben and Milito were snubbed by the Ballon Dor committee to give the honors to Lionel Messi because he had scored the most amount of goals even though Barcelona did not win much that season.

If scoring goals is the criteria then Henry should have won the most number of player of the year awards. If winning is the criteria then Messi should not have won 2 of his 4 Player of the Year awards. Sneijder (or Milito depending on who you ask) should have won the one couple of years ago and Ronaldo should have won this one by quite some margin.

Let me tell you why. Ronaldo scored 60 goals last season and Messi scored 73 goals last season for Real Madrid and Barcelona respectively. Ronaldo also played 5 or 6 games fewer than Lionel Messi. Assuming normal scoring form of Ronaldo last season, it is safe to assume that had Ronaldo played a further 5 games, he would have gotten to somewhere between 66-71 goals for the season. He could have may be even surpassed Messi in terms of goals.

In any case Ronaldo was not that far away from Messi in terms of goals. The media just wants to promote Messi a little bit more and that is why it looks like he is miles ahead of Ronaldo. The facts say that Ronaldo and Messi have always been very close and still are pretty close in terms of scoring goals and creating chances. Obviously Messi has the better class because he can perform on the big stages and has the better feel for the ball.

Ronaldo also won some 2 trophies with Real Madrid last season. Led Real Madrid to the semifinals of the Champions League single handedly and also helped Portugal reach the semifinals of the Euro 2012 which Portugal lost on penalties. What more could he have done to win the prize?

I think it is just unfair that Messi won the prize. Don’t get me wrong. Messi is the best player on the planet in terms of skills and potential but that is not what the award is supposed to measure. I guess, only the opinion of the people count in these awards and that is why sometimes they are so bizarre.

That way, Zidane should have won 5 or 6 awards as well because he was the best player in the world by far for 5 or 6 years at least. There is too much inconsistency in the criteria on which these awards are handed out each year.

Here is why I think Ronaldo is still the best player in the world no matter what FIFA says or is paid to say:

  1. He scored a marvelous hat trick in an important match for Real Madrid albeit it was against a lowly side in the form of Celta Vigo. One goal with a stunning shot from 35 yards out and from a tight angle as well. The other with a superbly controlled volley with the left and the third was a finely driven shot on the near post with his left foot.  Ronaldo could have scored 4 goals last night but could not because of a offside decision which should have been overruled by the referee.
  2. Ronaldo is more complete player than Messi. Sometimes that is cause of his downfall as well but the fact remains that Ronaldo can do more things on a football field than Messi.
  3. Ronaldo is more evolving and adaptable than Messi. This is one area where Ronaldo just sweeps the floor all over Messi. Ronaldo does not need a system in order to perform well whereas Messi does. The conditions in which Ronaldo can perform are just infinite whereas for Messi, he has to be the king of the field in order to realize his true potential.

That is why I think Ronaldo is better than Messi at the moment. Ronaldo is equally dominant on the football field for club(for every club he has played with) and country. I am sure Messi cannot say the same for himself. Though the argument remains that what Messi can do with the left (given the right conditions) is far more effective than what Ronaldo can do with his left, right and head combined.

What do you guys think? Should Ronaldo have won the award? Should this voting system be abolished and a system of “experts only committee” be introduced. Or was Messi deserving of the award ahead of Ronaldo this year and Sneijder a couple of years ago? Let me know you thoughts.