When you talk about midfielders in the Real Madrid squad you think about players such as Alonso, Khedira, Essien, Ozil and may be even Coentrao. I want to argue that despite the presence of Ronaldo and Di Maria on both wings, Kaka is still the best midfielder in the squad.

Though he has not seen much playing time and is probably past his peak, he can still make a difference in any given match. Mourinho does not trust Kaka and that makes things a bit complicated for him. I don’t know if Kaka is going to play another game for Real Madrid as reports say that Real Madrid is looking for a buyer to get rid of Kaka. AC Milan and PSG look to be the front runners but you can never say for sure.

Kaka has said time and time again that he wants to stay at Real Madrid and prove his worth, so we know that Kaka does not want to leave. The important thing to know is if Mourinho wants him to leave or not. I don’t know the reason why Mourinho continues to just ignore Kaka. Here are the reasons why I think he is still the best midfielder in the Real Madrid squad:

  1. He always takes on players one on one which creates space and consequently chances for Real Madrid to strike at goal and create danger. Believe it or not, dribbling and beating players in the middle of the park is a lot difficult than on the wings. Sure Ronaldo and Maria can beat players on the wing whenever they want to but when sides get back in numbers and don’t leave any gaps then players like them struggle. Kaka dribbles in these situations and that really opens up the play. Kaka has the ability to create space and unlock defenses and I don’t see the reason why he is not playing for Real Madrid on a regular basis. In matches where Real Madrid is behind or need to win, Kaka is the ideal player in the midfield because he can go past players. Ozil cannot go past players as much as Kaka can.
  2. Kaka’s experience in big matches and Champions League makes him a great midfield choice. In Champions league you need experienced  players who can keep their cool and composure in tight matches like the one Real Madrid will have against Manchester United in a month’s time. I think players like Kaka live for these kind of matches and Mourinho would do little wrong if he starts Kaka against Manchester United especially on the return leg. Ozil is not a big match player, Kaka is and that should be the end of the discussion.
  3. Kaka can score goals by himself from the midfield. That is something very few players if any can do in the world. Ozil cannot do that neither can Xavi or Iniesta. Real Madrid cannot just rely on Ronaldo and Benzema to score in every match. Sometimes the attackers need help from their midfield players to step it up and score some goals. Alonso and Khedira are just no those kind of players. Kaka is that kind of a player and I think that is also a reason why Mourinho should play Kaka in every match if not the whole of every match.

What do you guys think? Is Kaka worth anything to Real Madrid now or should Real Madrid just sell Kaka and get on with it. He is no good warming the bench or is he?