Ozil taking a corner for Real Madrid

Ozil is the play maker in the current Real Madrid setup. He is currently competing for his place with players such as Kaka and may be even Alonso. Here are the 3 reasons why I think it is just great to watch Ozil on a football pitch regardless of whether he scores a hat trick of goals or a hat trick of assists in a given football match:

  1. Ozil is physically weak. I cannot remember the last time he played the full 90 minutes, may be it was the match couple of days ago or maybe it wasn’t the match that happened a couple of days ago. General rule is that Ozil cannot really last the full 90 minutes while performing at his optimal levels and that is why he is taken off most of the times around the 70 minute mark. Even though he is not physically gifted he does not let that stop him from making runs and going past players. In fact, he has used his physical weakness as his strength and hence tries to go past players with intention a lot more than he would have had he been someone like Ronaldo. In the process however, he is always looking for a free kick or a foul from the opposition as he can be easily shrugged off the ball and most of the times the referee blows the whistle in favor of Ozil. Hence it is just great to see a player not physically gifted playing with other professionals who are physically strong and still outperforming them by quite some margin.
  2. Ozil does not really have a great shot on him though sometimes he can let it rip as well. Now this is what makes Ozil ( and few other players as well) unique. He does not really have an eye for the goal but he makes up for that in a manner that is truly creative. He has developed his passing instead of his shooting probably he would have felt more natural at that particular task. Even when he is finishing, most of the times he is just passing the ball into the back of the net after a quick play with another player.
  3. His touches with the ball are also great to watch. His touches are smooth and very precise. Even though sometimes he is troubled by players who barge straight into him, most of the times he just knocks the ball past them and leaves them for dead. There is just something magical about seeing a left footed player with great ball control. There are not many players who have both of these qualities In the world of soccer at the moment and that is another reason why it makes Ozil such a treat to watch.

There you go. Those are the reasons why I think Ozil is just a fantastic player to watch mainly because he is so weak physically and at the same time so strong with the ball technically. In the modern game where most of the emphasis is on shear speed and strength, Mesut Ozil is truly a unique player in his ability to glide past players instead of racing past them and surprising them with deft touches instead of Ronaldo like trickery which requires many cycles of stop and start movements in a short amount of time.