Mourinho looks to have given up on Real Madrid

Why Mourinho is going to leave Real Madrid

Mourinho has not had the greatest run of his managerial career at Real Madrid. He came to Real Madrid with high expectations and he delivered to some extent. At Real Madrid that is never enough. People wanted more from him, something special, something which had not had been done for a long time at Real Madrid. Humiliation of Barcelona precisely and that was something Mourinho could not do and probably will never do.

That is the reason that even after winning a trophy in his every season at Real Madrid he still is on the verge of being sacked. That is something which was never thought possible. A manager as good as Mourinho had not even  come close to being sacked before Real Madrid.It was always the opposite with Mourinho as clubs asked him not to leave but he always left. Things work a little differently at Real Madrid where winning is never enough, winning with style is sometimes not enough either. Nothing is enough at Real Madrid and here are my top reasons why Mourinho would leave Real Madrid at the end of the season whether Real Madrid sack him or not:

  1. Mourinho has had enough with the Spanish media always criticizing foreign players for the demise of Real Madrid as the best club in the world. Mourinho came to Real Madrid to make it an unstoppable force. He did that to some extent but that is never enough with the Spanish media. In Spain it is always about today and never about yesterday.
  2. Mourinho is not really interested in La Liga anymore. It is far too quiet and uninteresting for him. Far less media coverage and hence the controversy as compared to the English Premier League which means that Mourinho never really came to Real Madrid for the long haul. He came here as a mercenary. Real Madrid wanted him to win Real Madrid its 10nth Champions League trophy but with Barcelona around that seems like a distant preposition altogether.
  3. Let’s just agree on this. Apart from the football, Mourinho loved the atmosphere in English football and he has that special place in his heart for Manchester United. He wants to complete his CV and Manchester United is probably the last stand for Jose Mourinho.
  4. Mourinho left Chelsea in a similar situation. A spat with the hierarchy is all that is needed right now to convince Mourinho to leave Real Madrid at this critical juncture of the season.

If Mourinho wins the Champions League this season then I think we can safely say that there is less than 10 percent chance of Mourinho or Ronaldo staying at Real Madrid. I think Perez is also going to be forced to resign as the President of Real Madrid. Real Madrid would sell all their trouble making mega stars and will once again go back to their model of youth system football rather than ultra-expensive foreign investment style of football.

What do you guys think? Should Real Madrid sack Jose Mourinho or will he leave Real Madrid himself depending on how the end of the season turns out for Real Madrid. Will Ronaldo stay? Do you want Ronaldo to stay? A dream scenario would be a Ronaldo and Messi swap between Real Madrid and Barcelona.

Hala Madrid!!!