Jose Mourinho tried new players for this game. That’s what these games are for 99 percent of the coaches and Mourinho was not one of them before last night. Mourinho rarely experiments with his first team line up but last night he did and that is also the reason why he said in his interview last night that Real Madrid took Copa Del Ray seriously.

Seriously? Is that the reason why Real Madrid got knocked about by a 3rd division team Alcoron in 2009 when Mourinho came in? That was just humiliating I think.

Anyway. Good news was that Essien played pretty solid in his conventional position as a holding midfielder. Kaka looked good and Benzema looked pretty sharp as well. Carvalho was given a rare start and its suffice to say that he did not impress at all. Lost many air balls and probably that is the reason why Mourinho has been reluctant to use him in fist team matches. He would get us killed with the kind of challenges he made last night and the amount of air balls he failed to judge properly.

Schuster criticized Mourinho for not giving enough time to youth players and Mourinho has duly responded by playing several youth team players. Among the players who played the game against Mallorca last weekend, only two featured in this match.

Real Madrid can no refocus their attention on La Liga and Champions League where much improvement is needed if Real Madrid is to get a positive result out of both competitions.

Final thoughts about the Copa Del Ray match

From what I have learnt, a Real Madrid youth player goes by the name of Nacho. He is considered to be a pretty solid left back. I don’t know why Mourinho has not given him a chance because Essien is basically totally useless in that position. I know Mourinho says that because Castilla players play in such a different system to what the first team plays with but still, I think Nacho should be allowed to at least train with the first team.

What do you guys think? Should Real Madrid try out more youth from the system or should Mourinho just focus on the trophies. I know what I think. I think Real Madrid and Mourinho both should focus on the trophies. Who cares about the youth product when the club keeps on winning trophies (both of which are not happening at the moment).