In any case, Mourinho also feels that the title race is far from over. I think otherwise. I think the title race is not far from over. It is almost over. If Real Madrid drop any more points and don’t beat Barcelona on the return leg of La Liga the title is definitely over.

If Real Madrid keep on winning and Barcelona loses a couple of games and on top of that, Barcelona also draw some games and on top of that if Barcelona lose to Real Madrid as well, then Real Madrid can win the league by the tightest of margins.

That is the current situation of Real Madrid as far as La Liga is concerned, I don’t know which league table has Mourinho read which has led him to the conclusion that the title race is far from over. It is not that far from being over let me tell you that right now Mourinho.

Big news that came today was of Messi receiving yet another worthless trophy for his achievements in football. I don’t know but if every other magazine is going to publish its own award for the best player in the world and the highest goal scorer in the world then Messi is going to end up with a lot more titles than he could ever have imagined.

For me, as I have stated time and time again, and for any other sane football fan the only trophy that counts on an individual basis is the World Cup and the FIFA Ballon Dor. The rest are just chicken feed.

Anyway, the point of the news was that Messi now needs around 15 goals in the next 16 games to break the all-time record of most goals scored in a calendar year. The record is currently held by Muller of Germany who before world cup 2006 was the highest world cup goal scorer of all time. Ronaldo currently holds that honor.

Obviously Muller played a lot less games than Messi even at this point in time but that is statistic for you people. Statistics alone, are just big lies. I agree with one of the Argentinian club coaches on his answer to the question “who is the greatest player of all time”. His answer was, Maradonna was the greatest player of all time in his era while Messi is the greatest player of all time in his era and the two eras cannot be compared.

Anyone who has any knowledge on football (not football history) would know that eras cannot be compared and there never be a single greatest player of all time.

What do you guys think? Are Real Madrid going in the right direction? And do you want Messi to play for Real Madrid at some moment in his career? HAL A MADRID!!!