Barcelona have just won there match against Rayo by 5 goals to none. Now the lead over Real Madrid is of 11 points with Real Madrid yet to play their game on Sunday. Messi scored twice on the match and that is always a bad thing I guess.

Other scorers were Fabregas, Xavi and Villa. So now everybody is scoring goals for fun at Barcelona. Barcelona can now just relax and wait for Real Madrid to put up a show tomorrow against Mallorca.

While we are on the subject of Barcelona. Barcelona B has just lost to Recretivo Huelva in Spanish Segunda Division by 2 goals to 3.  I guess the young players at La Masia are not as good as some of the newspapers have made them to be.

Real Madrid play Mallorca tomorrow night in an away fixture and that is always a bad thing for Real Madrid as Real Madrid’s attack has been really bad since the start of the season except the game against Barcelona and there too Real Madrid should have won the game with the amount of chances Real Madrid made but due to the poor finishing of Maria and Benzema and even Ronaldo, Real Madrid were only able to get a draw.

Messi is now a goal ahead of Ronaldo on the total goal count for the season in all competitive games. I think Messi has scored 26 goals now while Ronaldo is sitting pretty on 25. There can be no doubt that Ronaldo would be looking to erase that lead once the match starts tomorrow night against Mallorca.