Only 4 La Liga matches have been played so far and Real Madrid already has lost an incredible amount of points. Barcelona has kept on winning and hence now Real Madrid is in a situation where Real Madrid is 8 points behind Barcelona with only 4 games played of the season.

I don’t know about you but I think, from this point onwards, it is going to take a mammoth effort on part of Real Madrid and on part of Barcelona as well to have any meaningful title race. Barcelona is going to have to lose a tremendous amount of points in order for Real Madrid to put some life into this season’s title race.

And that is not even half the problem solved. Apart from Barcelona losing their games, Real Madrid on a parallel road have got to win their matches. If that was not a mission impossible already then Real Madrid also has to ensure Barcelona does not catch them by winning afterwards as well.

Real Madrid also has to beat Barcelona if they are to get anywhere close to Barcelona in terms of points. I don’t know what is happening but this must surely be the most ridiculous start to the season for Real Madrid. I can’t remember the last time Real Madrid started a season this poorly.

With Messi scoring two goals every game and at the same time Ronaldo being sad at Real Madrid, I think the odds are stacked against Real Madrid in a big way. Barcelona cannot be expected to lose 8 points come the end of the season.