(Photo By Jan Solo)

Barcelona beat Real Madrid again 3-2 in the first leg of Super Copa. Without any fillers, I am going to be straight up and say that Real Madrid got robbed(typical of Camp Nou refs) actually.

The first Barcelona goal was offside. Pedro was leaning ahead of Coentrao and it is amazing to see the linesman giving the decision in favor of Barcelona (the attacking side) inside of Real Madrid (the defending side) whereas the law clearly says that uncertain decisions should always go to the defending side.

Second goal was also a little questionable. Iniesta played for the penalty and Ramos took the bait (stupid of him). In my view, I think Iniesta cut the ball back and Ramos decided to make a sliding tackle. He got the ball and the momentum had him ram into Iniesta.

Iniesta being a Barcelona youth product went down as if he was hit by a truck and a penalty was awarded which pretty much gave the game to Barcelona. It was nice of Messi to quickly pounce on the opportunity to take the penalty. I think he knows it and Ronaldo knows it too that Ronaldo’s goals did get on Messi’s nerves and that is the reason why Messi took every penalty given to Barcelona last season.

Ronaldo I think in that game was pretty close to his best football and had there been some in form striker inside the penalty area, Real Madrid could have scored two more goals.

The third goal was pretty legit. In fact it was legit all the way. Di Maria’s goal was job well done. Mourinho has worked on this trick of Barcelona’s and has made all the attacking players press hard on Barcelona’s goalkeeper and the back four.

People say Valdes was the villain and naturally I don’t agree with them. I think Real Madrid has done this to Barcelona time and time again last season as well even though Real Madrid could not convert all the opportunities into goals.

Real Madrid should be given credit for pressing so hard on Barcelona that they miscue their passes. For people who say that Valdes should have just blasted the ball ahead, that argument is also flawed since Barcelona score so many goals through this strategy of starting the play from the back four.

Mourinho has identified this and knows how to counter this. It is just a shame Real Madrid could not get the win in the first leg. I think it will be difficult for Real Madrid to win the Super Copa in the second leg. Barcelona is very good at keeping the ball as they are not afraid of going back to the goalkeeper while every other elite club players think thrice about passing the ball back to the goalkeeper.

With the quick strikers that Barcelona has, I think Barcelona will play their usual game. Real Madrid will come out attacking and that is going to leave some gaps behind which will be exploited to the fullest by Messi and Iniesta.

What do you guys think? Was Barcelona’s win justified? Should Real Madrid have scored more goals from the crosses that Ronaldo put in all night? HALA MADRID!!