Real Madrid will play against Barcelona in the next few hours and both the clubs will be shooting for Super Copa which by the way Mourinho says is completely tradable with the La Liga table.

As far as team news go, I think Pepe is going to be out for sure. I think Mourinho should give Kaka a chance this time around. Real Madrid started their La Liga defense in less than a convincing way when it drew the match 1-1 with Valencia. On top of that, Barcelona won their first league match by 5-1 against Real Sociedad. Even worse, Messi scored twice, again. Man, this guy cannot stop scoring even if he wants to.

It should be mentioned though that there was very little skill involved in both of his goals. Both were pretty cheap goals if you ask me but as we all know, they all count. Real Madrid did manage to hit the post couple of times against Valencia but that obviously did not count.

Valencia also had a goal disallowed which I think was unfair. The decision for pretty tight and I think in the rules of the game whenever there is doubt the linesman has to go with the defending team not the attacking one.

Ronaldo played pretty poorly in this match by his standards and that is exactly what I had feared when I looked at his performances in the preseason. His pace was off mark and he just could not go past players against Valencia.

Later Ronaldo came out and said that he is not in a good condition physically speaking. The whole Real Madrid team is not physically fit to compete at the highest level was what Ronaldo remarked. Obviously Real Madrid is going to improve on that.

I just hope Real Madrid do not get thrashed tonight if what Ronaldo said is anywhere near the truth. Barcelona murder good teams even when those good teams play their best football. Real Madrid should take good notice of that and I have got no reason to believe that Mourinho does not know that.

Apart from that I think Mourinho should just look for a draw in this leg which I think will be played at Camp Nou. As long as Real Madrid do not get beat in this tie, there is always a chance of winning.

I think  I have to question Mourinho’s commitment with the Super Copa or even with Real Madrid when he sometimes makes weird remarks. He said he does not consider Super Copa a serious trophy and secondly he keeps on mentioning his return to English football. That surely cannot be good for the morale of Real Madrid players as they see their manager insist so much on his intent to leave the club someday.

Anyway, I would think that Real Madrid will put up a fight today, don’t really care about the result as long as it is good match. I would not like to see any one team dominate the game. HALA MADRID!!!