(Photo from soccer.ru)

Jose Mourinho has come out and said that he should now be known as the Only One instead of the Special One, a name which he got after he came to Chelsea as a Champions League winner with Porto.

I think winning the Champions League with Porto alone would have been enough for him to be called Only One. Mourinho is not like Guardiola who just comes in and starts to play around with a team as good as Barcelona’s. Even with that team, Barcelona had to take the help of a lot of referees to be dominant in Europe. Mourinho did not have that when he was the manager at Porto.

Add to that the fact that Mourinho has been generally successful in the Champions League with every team he has coach starting from Porto. At Chelsea he came pretty close to winning it and had it not been for a Drogba red card against Manchester United in the finals of the Champions League, who knows Mourinho could have won the Champions League with Chelsea as well.

I don’t think any manager has been as diverse as Mourinho has been. Almost every other coach is scared of going to another club let along going to another country with a completely different style of football. You look at Ferguson, he has not dared to ever consider leaving Manchester United. I don’t know the reasons for that. Same is the case with Guardiola. Came to a club where he had spent all his lifetime and Messi to play with in order to win major titles.

Another point for Mourinho is that he wins major titles time and time again. He is not like Guardiola who wins six trophies a year with only 3 of them worth any mention. If Guardiola comes back into coaching (and I hope he doesn’t come back to Barcelona again) it is of vital importance that he does make the return in another country and if he can wins the Champions League and the League in Italy and even better, in England then I think that would put in him contention with Mourinho as being the best manager of all time.

Mourinho has won the league titles in 3 different major leagues of the world and I think no other manager has ever done that, certainly not Guardiola or Ferguson of Manchester United.