Ronaldo has scored 2 goals so far in the preseason

Real Madrid beat Celtic 2-0 couple of days back and I think would do for the preseason. One note I want to make of the preseason so far is, Ronaldo’s rustiness. He has not looked within 2 levels to the Ronaldo we saw at the end of last season. I do understand that this is preseason and he might have some fitness issues along with some training issues but still, his once impeccable free kicks and tricks are no longer paying off.

He is losing possession  far too many times and his ability to get past defenders has not been up to the mark. Of course this is all temporary you might say and that he would get back to his normal self once the season kicks off but the thing is, Ronaldo was not like this last preseason.

Last preseason he was showing off his full spectrum of moves and tricks. Ronaldo we all know, despite his God gifted talents, is a hard worker and he has always been able to set himself apart from the rest simply through will and hard work and I think he will do the same this season as well but this level of performance from Ronaldo has just got me a little worried. Has Ronaldo been too casual this summer with his training and diet or has he changed his style of play a bit too much which has resulted in him not going past too many players and being content with just passing the ball to players who are in a better position than himself.

May be Ronaldo being a complete player is at a disadvantage here when compared to Messi. Because Ronaldo is so complete of a football player, he has to work doubly hard as he has to improve and maintain the standard of his so many skills. Whereas all Messi has to do is keep his agility and speed and he is pretty much done. Ronaldo has to work on his agility, speed, strength, shooting, dribbling, heading, free kicks and what not.

That by the way is also the reason why Usain Bolt thinks Ronaldo is better than Messi without any question simply because Ronaldo has been at the top of the game for so long and is so complete. Usain Bolt is a known fan of Ronaldo having attended a couple of games in which Ronaldo played last season.