Mourinho did use Lass as a right back when he was at Chelsea. I think Lass is not bad as a right back. In fact when he was at Chelsea, he was great as a right back. Real Madrid could definitely use a good back up to Ramos or Arbeloa. 

In any case, Mourinho feels he cannot possibly strengthen this Real Madrid side any more and hence no big signings will be made this summer. For once, I think that might be a good idea. The only player I can think of which would further improve this Real Madrid is either Ashley Cole or Micheal Richards of Manchester City. Arbeloa is the weakest player in the starting eleven of Real Madrid.

Mourinho also feels that Real Madrid and Barcelona are the two best club sides in the world and no other club can match their strength. Mourinho feels the difference between the Spanish big two and the rest of the world is not small.

I can’t really say that. Last time I checked, Bayern Munich beat Real Madrid. We played well and could have avoided some mistakes but in the end we lost in the penalty shootout. In that sense, one could make the case that Real Madrid did not lose that match and still got knocked out. Not the same case with Barcelona though. A weakened Chelsea shocked Barcelona both away and at home.

Anyway, it was nice to see Real Madrid finding their feet in the preseason. Mourinho  says he is pretty ok with Kaka staying at Real Madrid. I hope Kaka does because I think he would make for a fantastic sub against weaker teams.