A 5-2 loss to Benfica would not hurt him at this point in time (From Flickr)

Today (or maybe yesterday depending on where you live) Real Madrid lost to Benfica by 2 goals to 5. Benfica have now won the Eusebio Cup for the third straight year. You would think to yourself that how come Benfica was able to beat a Real Madrid of this quality by such a margin?

Well, the obvious answer is that Real Madrid was not at full strength. Who gives a damn about Eusebio Cup anyway but a win would have definitely helped Real Madrid getting its pre-season started in grand fashion.

Callejon of all people scored both of the goals that Real Madrid managed to score. Along with him, Higuain was probably extremely useless. Kaka and Di Maria also got good playing time along with Lassana Diarra and Granero.

Mourinho probably wants to go easy on the big guns this time in pre-season. Last season was just brutal for players like Ronaldo and Benzema who played a lot of minutes and scored a lot of goals for Real Madrid.