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Kaka is being linked with AC Milan again for the 5fth time I guess over the last two summers. Real Madrid is close to signing Luca Modric and that would mean Kaka would almost certainly be surplus to the requirements.

Just two days ago some Real Madrid assistant manager said that Kaka was now a surplus to the requirement at the Bernebeu. I don’t know why they would think that? Obviously Mourinho and his managing team know what they are doing.

The only thing bad that I see in Kaka at the moment is that he cannot perform against the big teams. Generally, against teams with good defenders or let’s say strong defenders who are not afraid to wreck opponent players with viscous tackles, Kaka is not able to assert himself and I think that is the reason why Mourinho feels, it’s better to let Kaka go then keep him only for the small matches and pay his big salary.

Kaka with age has lost his blistering pace and his long shot ability. He can no longer dribble past 2 or 3 defenders at will. He is still good enough to beat defenders in a one on one situation but that is the best one can expect from Kaka, in all seriousness I don’t even know what Milan would do with Kaka.

Kaka is old now. Milan needs new blood which can propel Milan to the top of European football once again. Kaka is not the answer to that question either.

Kaka is great at playing one two’s with his teammates and that opens up lots of space for Ronaldo and Benzema to exploit.  Real Madrid has Oezil for that now and unless Oezil is injured, there is no chance of Kaka getting any playing time at all.

Despite all of this, I think I am one of those who would want to keep Kaka at Real Madrid as he can be crucial in Champions League games against small teams who defend with numbers behind the ball. C.Ronaldo is a bit too direct for teams who defend well and defend deep. Kaka can make use of indirect routes to open up defenses with neat little passes or one lob over the entire defense line.

That is the reason I think Kaka would be a great super sub. In fact, just as I am writing this, I am think to myself. Is that the reason Kaka himself wants to leave Real Madrid?

Next year the world cup is coming up and Kaka needs lots of playing time next season in order to have any chance of making the Brazillian squad. Kaka knows the only place where he fits at Real Madrid is the subs bench. Mourinho obviously knows that too and may be he has made that clear to Kaka.

Kaka, wanting to play the world cup wants to leave Real Madrid (even for a year). That also makes sense as reports say that Milan want him for a one year loan. With that said there is no guaranteed playing time for Kaka even at Milan.

Milan’s squad is weak for now. He can easily make the starting lineup there  but pundits expect Milan to make lots of young signings this summer and that would be detrimental to Kaka’s chance of getting regular first team action ,even at Milan.

What do you guys think? Do let me know. HALA MADRID!!!