(Photo By Umi)

 Why do Real Madrid need to keep Nuri Sahin? Well, I don’t know, ask Jose Mourinho. He is the one who recently stated that Sahin will spend his pre season with Real Madrid and he still counts on him.

My question (and you can call it complain) is simple. Why keep him in a delusion of playing time when Mourinho knows that he will not be able to give Sahin any meaningful playing time at all next season.

Sell him. That would ease the pressure on Kaka and Granero. Sell Diarra as well as I do not see him fitting into this Real Madrid squad at all. That would also help other players in the squad in terms of their confidence as there will be one less player to compete against.

Sahin, when he came to Real Madrid had really high hopes to do well at Real Madrid and so did all the fans. But as time went on his form in training and his injuries finally caught up to him and he fell down the pecking order at Real Madrid and his role was then reduced to a benchwarmer at best.