do not want that to happen because all of the above mentioned players are Champions League stuff. Modric is not. He is short which allows him to do many things that Kaka cannot do but he does not have the experience of Kaka or Diarra.

Probable playing position for Modric at Real Madrid would be alongside Alonso and that would mean, not enough playing time for Khedira. Bayern Munich are waiting for Khedira to mess up at Real Madrid in order to sign the German International and I , like any other Real Madrid fan, do not want that to happen.

I think Khedira is an integral part of this Real Madrid team. You should be able to already see that why singing Modric would be a mistake and a big waste of money even though he has got the quality and the skill needed to play at this level. Remember the saying “Too many chefs spoil the broth”.

Right now the only position where I think Real Madrid should strengthen is the right back or left back place. Top transfer targets for Real Madrid should be players like Bale, M.Richards or Clichy. Real Madrid does not need any more strikers or midfielders. That would just upset the balance and the chemistry of this team which looks poised to win everything next season.

What do you guys think? Does Real Madrid need Modric? Or should Real Madrid try to sign a defender perhaps. Or may be Real Madrid does not need to sign anyone this summer at all? Let me know your thoughts as I am all ears now. HAL A MADRID!!!