Modric can do a bit of everything.

Summer is well underway now and a host of names (again) are being linked with Real Madrid.

Surprisingly enough, Modric has come out on top and the media has ranked him the number 1 target for Real Madrid to sign this summer.

Looking at the current Real Madrid squad, I would think that the last place where Real Madrid need a new player is the midfield. The midfield of the current Real Madrid is strong and long. Players like Kaka and Granero along with Lass are not getting enough playing time. Not to mention quality players like Sahin having to fight even to get a substitute role in this Real Madrid.

Mourinho has made a perfect Real Madrid squad. This Real Madrid squad has got depth and strength. No where did last season was it felt that Real Madrid were short on players except for the right back position where I think Arbeloa should be a substitute player not a first choice.

Modric, from what I have seen of him, is a very versatile midfielder who is able to do everything.He is like a mini Gerrard. He can do everything that Gerrard does but obviously not to the level that Gerrard does it.

Modric can shoot, dribble and score goals. He can also assist in goals and can retain possession really well. His numbers are awful for a player of his quality but those would obviously improve when and if he moves to a big club, a club like Real Madrid.

With the arrival of Modric, I think it would be safe to assume that Kaka along with Lass and