Finally, a player worth talking about from Real Madrid youth system (From Flickr By Culex)

Morata is a young and upcoming talent from the youth system of Real Madrid. After his improved and rather impressive performances in 2011 and 2012 for Real Madrid youth team and one appearance for Real Madrid senior team, he has been called up by Jose Mourinho to train and hopefully play with the first team for the new season 2012-2013.

Morata is 19 currently. Can play on the wings and upfront as well. I have seen a few videos of this lad. From early on, lets get this straight. He is no Messi and he is not like Ronaldo. He doesn’t have blistering paceneithercanheshootlikeRonaldo.

TheclosestplayerthatI can compare him to in terms of style of play is either Higuain or Kaka. Now Kaka is not a winger and neither he is a striker. From the runs that Morata has made, some memorable ones, it seems like he glides more than he sprints(difference between running and gliding is the difference between the wayKakarunsandRonaldoruns).