will not be able to perform against Spain is quite obvious and that is, Portugal as a whole is not good enough. They do not have the players of Real Madrid’s quality and even with them, Ronaldo usually flops in big games. With a team as mediocre as of Portuagl, I think it is going to be an uphill task for Ronaldo to have any sort of an impact on the game.

Apart from these major reasons someoftheotherreasonsarethephysiologyofSpanishplayers. All are light and fast. Ronaldo will not be able to outrun them or cut inside or outside to open up space so easily as he did against Czech or Holland. One other reason is Ronaldo’s poor form with penalties, if a need does arise then Ronaldo would not be in the best mental shape of his life to take that free kick.

To compound all these problems, Spain have Iker Casillas in their goal who plays with Ronaldo day in day out at club level football. He would know where Ronaldo is likely to shoot from various distances. Casillas is a very good goalkeeper in any case, having so much familiarity with Ronaldo’s game is going to be huge bonus for Spain.

Again the advantage could have gone to Ronaldo as well as he would know Casillas’s likenesses but again, this Ronaldo does not pay much attention to this aspect of the game. If it was the old Ronaldo of Brazil, I think every weak point in this post would have been strengths of that Ronaldo.

Anyways, what do you guys think? Will Ronaldo be able to perform against a top side in a top tournament at the semi final stage? HALA MADRID!!