Spain is a mature team, Ronaldo isn’t a mature player (Photo By Joey Barnley)

Spain will be playing against Portugal tomorrow and all eyes will be on Ronaldo to deliver for Portugal in the all important Euro 2012 semi final. Ronaldo has been known not to perform on the biggest of stages in football all his career so why should tomorrows night be any different?

I personally feel it will not be different contrary to what many pundits are saying, Ronaldo is likely to flop in tomorrows game and because of that Portugal will go out of the tournament.

Here the top 3 reasons why I think that will be the case tomorrow:

  1. Unlike the relatively weak defenses Ronaldo faced in the last match of the round robin stage and in the quarter finals, tomorrows defense is one of the best in the world if not they best in the world. Spain has got mammoth defenders with good speed and strength. Ramos will be the one who will be facing Ronaldo if all things go as planned. Sergio Ramos is probably the best right back in the world right now and he would know all of Ronaldo’stricksandflicksasheishisteammateatReal Madrid. Ronaldo would not have the same mental edge because he never really learns this aspect of the game or does he? All he does is work on his left foot, his shooting, power and pace none of the mental stuff.
  2. Ronaldo is going to want to prove himself against Spain. He performed well against them in the previous friendly match that they had some time ago but that was just a friendly as I mentioned before. Tomorrow’s game is a big game. Ronaldo is going to be under a lot of pressure and hence he is goingtotryfortoomuchandoutrageousallthetimeduringthematchandthatwillbehisdownfall,notbeingabletolinkupwithhisteammates.
  3. ThethirdmajorreasonwhyIthinkRonaldo