Never had the guts to become the best

Quaresma (for those who do not know him yet) is a 28 year old winger who currently plays for Besiktas. There was a time when he and C.Ronaldo were considered very close in terms of potential and performance.

In fact, reports have also said that Alex Ferguson had some difficulty in deciding which to sign when he eventually ended up with signing C.Ronaldo from sporting Lisbon. Ronaldo moved from strength to strength from that point on so did all other players like Messi, Robinho and the like.

Quaresma failed to improve on his great potential and hence even after having played for clubs like Barcelona, Porto, Chelsea, Inter and Besiktas he remains relatively an average and unknown player.

How many of you even knew that he is included in the Euro 2012 squad for Portugal but has not featured in a single game so far.

The fact that he was compared with Ronaldo and even was better at some aspects of the game than Ronaldo says a lot considering that Ronaldo took England by storm when he moved to Manchester United in 2003-2004 I think.

Quaresma may be was just happy with Porto and hence never really threatened to become the player of the year and now when I look back to his past, he never really was competing to even become a world class player let alone becoming the best in the world.

Ronaldo and Messi are now considered amongst the greatest players of their generation while Quaresma is a nobody.

What are the reasons? As always, amongst many here are mytop3reasonswhyQuaresmadidnotbecometheworld class players that he should have become due to his technique on the ball and his speed.

  1. The first and the foremost reason why he could not reach the levels that Robinho (though he also reached far less than what he should have considering that he was considered the most complete player with his feet amongst him,Ronaldo and Messi), Ronaldo and Messi is that Quaresma just never had the head for it. He did not know what he wanted to do with his career and he did not know where he wanted to take his game to. He did not know the areas he had to improve on in order to become the best. His agent did not get him to clubs that suited his style of play. While on the field, Quaresma always went for the spectacular and was very flamboyantandbecauseofthatdisciplinewasalwaysaproblemforhim.Onthefieldhelookedoutoffocus,outofthegameandjustdidnotknowhowtomakeupmovesinthe