(Photo By Jason Bagley)

Ronaldo has truly answered Messi tonight. Just as Rafael Nadal needs Roger Federer to get better (or now a days Novak Djokovic), it seems Ronaldo is waiting for Messi to make his move before Ronaldo announces his arrival onto any given match.

Just as Ronaldo needed Messi to score 70 goals this season for Barcelona, for him to score 60 odd goals for Real Madrid, Ronaldo needed Messi to perform against Brazil for Ronaldo to perform against Holland.

Messi scored a good hat trick against Brazil the other day. 2 of those goals were pretty simple ones and Messi just had to take them. Third goal was a thing of beauty. Messi beat Marcelo on the left wing and then started his trademark diagonal run before coming up with a wonder strike from just outside the box right into the absolute corner of the goal.

Ronaldo at that time was being ridiculed in the Euros as he missed sitters against Denmark and failed to impress against Germany.

However,that all changed today.Ronaldo showcased all his tricks,flicks and goal scoring ability for which he has become known throughout Europe.

The difference though between the two performances of Ronaldo and Messi is the quality of the sides and the importance of the match. Messi scored against a Brazil with poor defense. This Brazil is relying on Neymar to win them matches, that alone should be enough for anyone to gage the crisis Brazil football team is going through at the moment.

Ronaldo’s performance tonight was against Holland, a very strong Holland determined not to lose.  Heck,Hollland had to win by 2 goals at least if they were to qualify for the next stage of Euros, so they came into this game with full commitment and focus.

Ronaldo was also under a lot of pressure. He performed when Portugal needed him the most.

He scored twice. Hit the post twice and could have also had an assist to his name were it not for the poor quality of Nani’s finish.

Ronaldo troubled the Holland defense all night long. Things which he was notable to do against Germany because of Lahmandco, he did against Holland and taught them a good lesson on how to counter attack.

Ronaldo would sleep well tonight knowing in his mind that this was just the beginning. He is going to have to up his level of play even further if Portugal is to further progress in this tournament. Even though he gets a 10 out of 10 for tonight’s performance, there is still room for improvement as he could have had four goals had it not been for the posts. He didn’t get those two goals and I think that is better for him.

Those posts will keep Ronaldo’s head on the ground and will make him work harder for the next match. Those posts will be the reason why Ronaldo would get up tomorrow morning and practice harder than ever to make a difference in the next match, against any opponent I think.

What do you guys think? Was Ronaldo’s performance tonight better than Messi’s against Brazil given the magnitude of the situation and the difference in the defenses of the two opponents involved?HALA MADRID!!!