stay relaxed while he is shooting and more often than not, he scuffs his shots.

  • His passing, long or short, has been terrible. Passing is one aspect of Ronaldo’s game where Messi beats him bad. Ronaldo is an attacker, I know, but that does not mean that he is exempted from being a standard passer of the ball. I think, if Ronaldo had a passing ability of lets say 7 out of 10 then Portugalwouldnothavefoundthemselvesinthesituationtheyare finding themselves in right now.
  • Ronaldo has got from little to no coordination with his teammates. That is something which is strange as both Pepe and Coentrao play with Ronaldo at Real Madrid, so Ronaldo should feel relatively comfortable on the right wing, instead he always seems to look lost on the field and therefore, is unable to provide any support to his teammates. His runs are also nowhere near as effective as they are while he is playing for Real Madrid.
  • Some Ronaldo’s fans say that Ronaldo is a machine. May be that is the reason why he has been so static, rigid and stubborn at Euro 2012. He has shown no flexibility at all, neither in his thinking nor in his movements.

    Most of his games have been frustrating. I think his bid for Ballon Dor 2012 has taken a huge hit after tonight’s game against Denmark.