Ronaldo's control with the ball has been less than world class(Photo By dj_adob)


Portugal have got it all to do in their final game of the group stage in Euro 2012. Portugal lost their opening game to Germany of all teams, not that Germany is a bad team just that Portugal defender Bruno Alves and Ronaldo himself said that they would like to show Germany that Portugal is not the weakest team in the Group of death as they call it.

Anyway, Portugal lost that game by the slightest of margins and perhaps should have won that game. Second game was against Denmark and Portugal managed to win that thankfully by 3-2. Portugal could have dominated the game but they could not capitalize on their chances and hence had to play out the 90 minutes in all sorts of difficulty.

In both thegames,IthinkitissafetosaythatRonaldo sucked. Yes, he indeed did suck. He missed like 4 sitters for a world class striker.

Here are 3 reasons why I think Ronaldo has sucked so much, so far this Euro 2012:

  1. His shooting has been horrible. Normally such a threat from shooting perspective, Ronaldo has been disappointing so far in Euro 2012. I can’t really think of any reason for his poor shooting form. Maybe the pressure of beingPortugal’sonlyattackingthreatdoesnotallowhimto