once in the champions league.

Their plane crashed and they died. Too bad. If anything, Manchester United should be blamed for sending its first team on a plane with such poor conditions. Another point which proves that Real Madrid is the better club because Real Madrid provides the best facilities to its players and does not put its employee’s life at risk by having shabby transport facilities.

Another point which one Manchester United brought up was that, Real Madrid had no competition at that time and that is why Real Madrid was able to win so much. The answer to that is, so what? Real Madrid was good and hence got rewarded for it.

ManchesterUnitedwasformedabout20to30yearsbeforeReal Madrid, so it’s not Real Madrid’s fault that Manchester United could not compete with teams in Europe at that time. Manchester United consistently lost to teams in Champions League whose name I do not even know how to pronounce.

Whether that was because the English premier league was so weak that it could not prepare English teams to compete in the European League or whatever. The fact is that Manchester United was not able to impose itself on the European level even though it was formed before Real Madrid.

The only that Manchester United actually beats Real Madrid is the net worth of the club. Manchester United’s worth is somewhere above 2 billion dollars while Real Madrid’s is about 1.9 billion or something.

Manchester United is also under a debt which is about 450 million British pounds. Real Madrid has got net debt of about 470 million British pounds according to the daily mail. According to Wikipedia Real Madrid had a debt of 200 million pounds at the end of 2009-2010 season.

Real Madrid also generates more revenue per year than Manchester United which is also a big plus as Real Madrid can easily remove their debt if they use up all their revenue for the payment of their debt.

In any case, I think it is pretty clear that Real Madrid is the better club and there are many reasons for that, some of which I have described above and also in the previous reports.

Do let me know your thoughts, I read each and every comment by myself as I love to hear that the fans think about their respective clubs. I am all ears now. HALA MADRID!!!!.