(Photo by Paolo's Camera)

Before I begin the post, I should perhaps mention (after a few not so encouraging comments) the methodology that I use to compare different clubs at the elite level (and I also think that this is the only viable methodology that can be relied upon). Otherwise, people can have all kinds of different interpretations about which club could have been the best or which player could have been the best.

The methodology that I use is strictly upon what has actually happened not what could have happened. Who could have been the best player or which club could have won the most major trophies.

Real Madrid are obviously the most successful club at the elite level and there is little evidence to suggest something otherwise. Real Madrid beat Manchester United’s Busby Babes a year before their plane crashed. Real Madrid also consistently beat Manchester United along with clubs like AC Milan and the rest.

Some Manchester United fans think that the busby babes could have stopped that great Real Madrid side from winning 5 consecutive champions League titles. Well, again, that is a big COULD. Real Madrid were the best and are still one of the top 3 clubs in the world in terms of on pitch performance.

The Busby Babes died. End of that. What they could have done or could not have done is something that will never be known. The only thing that anyone can discuss about this issue is the one meeting Real Madrid had with the busby babes. Real Madrid beat them bad in that Champions League meeting andthebusbybabescouldnotwinagainstthatRealMadrid neither at home nor away.

Facts are facts. Real Madrid has won the most titles in Champions League and thus it is the club with the most dominance. Why did Real Madrid dominate or why they could not dominate so much in the last decade is something that is not related to this post.

When comparing clubs, I think it is of vital importance that everyone should be objective rather than subjective. Objectivity is the only way that can give us a meaningful answer to which club is the better one between Real Madrid and Manchester United.

Coming back to the busby babes point. The only question I ask to Manchester United fans is that, if they were that good then why were they 6 points behind (with 14 games left of the whole season) a club that goesbythenameofWolverhamptonWandererswhoweretheleagueleaders.Clearly,theywerenotthatgood.RealMadridwouldhavebeatenthecrapoutofbusbybabeshadtheymetmorethan