areprettyuselessandthatiswhyyouseemanagersgettingfiredevenafterdoingatrebleofFACup,CarlingCupandCommunityshields(SpanishSuperCup,CopaDelRayifyouare talking about Spain).

Real Madrid have the titles that matter, that is the point here.

So from a look at on field performances Real Madrid almost destroys Manchester United. Real Madrid’s players have been far superior to Manchester United’s in all of both the clubs history. Even now Real Madrid has the stronger set of players than Manchester United.

Real Madrid’s greatest player is probably Di Stefano and Manchester United’s greatest player is either George Best or a guy named Bobby (cannot remember his last name, that is how good he was, being sarcastic here). Well, C.Ronaldo has been called as better than George Best by Bobby Charlton himself. RonaldoisnowatRealMadridandheisnowhere near being Real Madrid’s best. That also plays into Real Madrid’s favor as our best player is better than Manchester United’s best player.

Squad wise Real Madrid is stronger no doubt as Real Madrid has the likes of Ronaldo, Benzema, Ozil, Kaka, Maria, Alonso in its attacking arsenal while Manchester United has Rooney and….. Well Rooney is basically all that they have right now in the attacking department. Wellback, Chicarito and Nani are not exactly world class. You could add Scholes and Giggs but they are too old now.

The only thing we can have a close tie on is the manager. Jose Mourinho and Alex Ferguson are both great managers but Mourinho has had more success than Ferguson because of his speed in winning titles with different sides in different countries and in varied football squads and conditions.

Ferguson has been at Manchester from the beginning (almost the beginning as he spent some time managing Aberdeen in the Scottish Premier League as well) and has performed reasonably well. He has won a lot of trophies but he has had much more time than Jose Mourinho.

In his 38 years as a club manager, Ferguson has won 15 league titles and 2 Champions League titles and 1 UEFA Cup. Whereas Mourinho in his 12 years as a manager has won 7 League titles, 2 Champions League and 1 UEFA Cup, so he is much faster than Ferguson in this regard. Real Madrid wins this round as well in my opinion.

So far Real Madrid has outperformed Manchester United in every category that I have discussed here. Tomorrow, I will post some new categories where Manchester United has indeed beaten Real Madrid. HALA MADRID!!!