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There has been a lot of debate about which club is the best in the world. Normally the two clubs that people most talk about in this regard is Real Madrid and Manchester United. Both clubs have achieved a lot in their history and are the number 1 clubs in their respective countries.

Manchester United is known all over the world and so is Real Madrid. Both clubs have huge following throughout the world and have huge fan outreach programs.

Both clubs are always favorite to do the treble every season but have been underperforming for the last couple of seasons. Real Madrid have been overshadowed by the successes of Barcelona and likewise with Manchester United who have been overshadowed with the recent developments of Manchester City and Chelsea.

Real Madrid always are big spenders. That is both their weakness and strength. Real Madrid now has Jose Mourinho as its head coach and that is going to help them achieve something in the Champions League where Real Madrid has been failing for quite a long time.

Real Madrid has only won 3 Champions League in the last 40 years which is disgusting for any Real Madrid fan. Real Madrid did manage to win 5 consecutive Champions League trophies in its middle history which is more than of Manchester United who have only been able to win about 3 in all of its history.

Real Madrid have won the Champions League 9 times which is more than any other club, that alone should put it above Manchester United who have won just 3. Apart from that, Real Madrid won five of those in a row which is a recordyoualmostfeelwillneverbebroken.

IfBarcelonaoftoday could not even manage a double of Champions League, then how good must that Real Madrid side be which won 5 consecutive titles. Unbelievable if you ask me.

On Top of that Real Madrid have also won 32 league titles. That is an amazing achievement considering that it always has to battle the mighty Barcelona for the title. Manchester United have only won 19 league titles. So from domestic dominance point of view, Real Madrid also beat Manchester United.

Real Madrid have dominated the game on the field a lot more than Manchester United as Real Madrid has won the league and Champions League more times than Manchester United.

The rest of the titles, in all honesty, are chicken feed. No one really cares who wins the Copa Del Ray or who wins the FA Cup. Both