team to have played the final not Barcelona. Higuain’s goal was disallowed in the second leg of the Champions League semi final against Barcelona and Pepe was sent off thanks to Daniel Alves superb acting skills.

  • A year before that they screwed Chelsea in one of the worst displays of a referee in the history of football.
  • Messi screwed Sneijder and Milito personally by himself when he won the FIFA Player Of TheYearthesecondtime.Sneijderhadwoneverythingthatyear and the competition in the eyes of everyone was between Sneijder, Milito and Robben. Messi won it out of no where and it goes without saying that he won it undeservingly.
  • This is what I call unfair. Shevchenko scored a perfectly correct goal (a very crucial goal as AC Milan lost to Barcelona in the dying minutes of the game which was disallowed by the referee)against Barcelona in the year of Ronaldinho, I think it was 2006 but that was disallowed due to some reason which no one knows till this day. So Barcelona won the last 3 Champions League unfairly.
  • Not saying that all of those should have been won by Real Madrid but just saying that all of those should not have been won by Barcelona.

    That is why it is ridiculous to say the least that Messi is talking about being cheated out of Champions League. I think he is just a sore loser. He himself should not have won 3 FIFA Player of the Year awards. I think Ronaldo was always more deserving as he is the more hardworking of the two, he is more dynamic and he has performed in a wider array of football systems than Lionel Messi , who unfortunately only knows how to play in one system.