The Master decevier himself (Photo by the SportsReview from Flickr)


Messi has come out and has said that Barcelona’s exit from the Champions League last season was unfair because Barcelona dominated the possession and had almost triple the amount of chances that Chelsea had on goal.

That to me is a joke. Any Barcelona player talking about justice and fair play is a joke. Barcelona are a great side but not great morally. Everyone (or at least most people) is aware of the way Barcelona won their golden era trophies.

How many times did they beat Real Madrid fairly and with 11 men on the field. Not many I think. I think Barcelona’s elimination from the Champions League was totally fair and justified. They did not score from opportunities that any team playing in the Champions League would have scored 9 times out of 10.

So it is Barcelona’s fault. It is there fault that they could not score easy chances. It is Barcelona’s fault that Messi did not score from a penalty. It is Barcelona’s fault that Messi missed two sitters from 6 yards out.

Chelsea did what champion teams do inChampionsLeague,theytaketheiropportunities.Theynotonlytake their chances, they grabbed them with both hands. They had 4 or 5 chances against Barcelona and they scored from them. Efficiency personified.

That’s what champions do. Champions do not miss sitters. Chelsea did not miss sitters. Champions play their best football in pressure situations and when the situation demands from them they deliver, they do not blame the pitch or the ball or the water boys. Chelsea did that and Barcelona did not do that.

Barcelona, really should not be talking about being unfair. Do they not rememberhowtheywontheir3ChampionsLeague.IrememberandIamgoingtoremindeverypersonwhoreadsthis.

  • BarcelonascrewedRealMadridlastyearandwon.RealMadridshouldhavebeenthe