Very difficult to prove yourself against this coach (Photo By Jan Solo)

Luca Moudra is a young Brazilian midfielder and Real Madrid are in front of the queue of clubs that want to sign the new talent. From what I have seen of him I think he has insane dribbling skills for a midfielder. He is a bit like Neymar of Santos but has a bigger build.

Anyway, I do not mean to dampen Lucas’s hopes and excitement of coming to Real Madrid but there are a number of reasons why it would be a mistake on the part of Real Madrid to sign the young dribbler. Here are the top 3 reasons why I think, Lucas should not be bought by Real Madrid.

  • The top reason is a compounded one. Lucas is talented and there is little doubt about his quality as a player. But this is Real Madrid we area talking about with Mourinho as the head coach. Lucas problem is that he is young. Mourinho rarely gives a chance to youngsters who are new to his team no matter how talented they are. Mourinho doesnotliketomesswithhisfavoritestarting11too much. Signing Lucas at this stage would be equivalent to not signing him because he would not get enough playing minutes as a Real Madrid player.
  • He dribbles a bit too much and Mourinho does not like players who do not stick to his game plan and his game plan rarely involves taking on defenders and dribbling with the ball at your feet. Lucas’s dribbles will not work against quality defenders like Pique and Puyol. Same is the problem with Neymar. They both dribble toomuchfromuselesspositionsandhencedonotmixwellwiththeirteammates.Mourinholikestohaveateamworklikeateam.NeymarandLucastrytobeonemanshowswhen